Analysis Concept

Analysis Example


Multi Time Frame Resistance

A condition where Daily tension resists a lower timeframe’s move to / through zero. The motivation of the apparent crossover produces a trap which rallies the market back towards the Daily.

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Logan Crist

3 Day MTFR which is longer than most but Daily tension stayed over zero. #mtfr

Zero Test

Daily or 30Min Tension testing zero offers the market a chance to defend. Without a way of defending around zero the market will become motivated to continue.

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Logan Crist

Tension ZeroTest pushes the recent highs after double dip. #zerotest


Extreme Release or Burnoff 
[ +/-60 ]

When tension becomes extreme the market must deal with those numbers and looks at release or burnoff which drive tension back to zero and can produce motivation for counter parties.

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Logan Crist

Tension reached Extreme levels at 96% and needed to release which gapped the market up, and then burned to zero the next day. #erb

Major Pivot

ERB failure

When extreme tension moves back down towards tension and index prices continue to move that indicates a major shift in broad market trending sentiment.

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Logan Crist

An ERB the day before failed to keep price down. The market internals are “breaking out” higher which pivots the long term trend in the breakout direction. #majorpivot

Amp Change

Dramatic changes in the apparent amplitude or frequency of 30 min Tension. These changes can change the probability of tension reaching zero in the near future and alter participant motivations.

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Logan Crist

30 min tension’s amplitude was reduced to help keep bulls in control #ampchange

Trend Cap

End of a multi day run on Daily & 30 Min at the same time. Maintaining tension on one side indicates control of the market and losing them both at the same time implies struggle.

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Logan Crist

Both 30Min and Daily pushed under zero after being in trend for a while. #trendcap

Sweep Divergence

Aggressive moves in price which are not reflected at all in 30Min tension. Large moves should be motivated by big player demand which will always be reflection in shifting conditions and tension moving; else the moves are likely short lived.

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Logan Crist

Price moved aggressively and wasn’t represented at all in tension. #sweepdivergence

Major Reversal

2 or more days of 30Min tension strongly moving against the prevalent trend. Internal conditions moving strongly is the result of large amount and moving multi day is a result of larger long term players.

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Logan Crist

Two days of strong Tension moving against the prevelant bearish trend. exposing a major internal change in market sentiment. #majorreversal